Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is another profound method for healing all types of diseases and conditions.
Most Diseases today, anything from heart disease, cancer, migraine, depression and anxiety to pain are caused by an imbalance in our spiritual body, a disconnect from a higher power.
In Spiritual Healing we are helping you establish and develop a stronger connection to a higher source. This process helps to expose the underline belief system/ thought process that created the disease and then reverse and heal it.

What can you get from studying Qigong?

https://youtu.be/a6S3PdxymPw In this video, Karen Herskowich is sharing the profound journey with studying Qigong. From anxiety, depression, and confusion to a purposeful, vibrant, loving life. for more info call 954.454.5559 Goren Method 3475 Sheridan St. Hollywood,...
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Lu’s experience

In this Video, LU from Brazil shares her experience with Medical Qigong. First as a patient, then as a student and now as a practitioner. A profound transformation in many areas of her life. Call Dr. Goren for more information 954-732-5050 Tao House healing center...
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Are you ready for a change?

In this video, Dr. Margery Runyan is sharing her experience with the Medical Qigong program. for more info call 954-454-5559 3475 Sheridan St. #308 Hollywood, FL. 33021 www.taohousehealingcenter.com https://youtu.be/_hsFWDZaJwU
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Are you struggling with allergies and lack of energy?

In this video, Dr. Isaac Goren teaches about the importance of seasonal treatments. Also, he is explaining about liver cleanse. 954-454-5559 The Goren Method 3475 Sheridan St. Hollywood, FL. 33021 www.taohousehealingcenter.com https://youtu.be/2nqO0jDocic
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Allergies? – Detox your Liver

In this Video, Dr. Isaac Goren is sharing an easy to do Liver flush he has been using for the last 15 years for himself and his patients. This can help your allergies tremendously. Easy to do with foods you have at home Garlic, Olive oil, water, Organic Juice, and...
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Refund Policy

-A student may withdraw and obtain a full deposit refund up to 30 days before the seminar. 30 to 15 days prior only 50% of the deposit will be refunded, after that the deposit is non refundable. -If a student requests a refund before any of the seminars, a full refund will be issued less the deposit according to the above terms. -A partial tuition refund will be permitted if a student cancels enrollment when 60% or less of the instruction has been completed. The calculation is based on clock hours passed, plus $200 drop fee. -Refund for a discounted tuition will be according to the non-discounted rate plus $200 drop fee.