Medical Qigong in Hollywood, Florida

One of the most sought-after forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong is an ancient energy-based medical practice. Rather than just treat symptoms, Qigong looks to identify the root causes of the disorder or disease. This way, you don’t just mask the temporary discomfort, but instead you’re able to recover and correct the body going forward.

Using Medical Qigong

For many who visit our office here in Hollywood, Florida, we look to provide direct Medical Qigong. Through this practice, we use the techniques to diagnose your symptoms and treat your illness by correcting imbalances and clearing blockages in your qi. Depending on the state of your body, mind, and spirit connection, this healing can happen in just a couple of sessions or it could take ongoing treatment to correct.

Learning Qigong

Of course, for those who are suffering with an illness and prefer to take matters into their own hands, we’re also proud to provide the opportunity to learn Qigong. By teaching you the meditation and exercises, and providing hands-on instruction, we help you take control of the process and really learn to balance your mind and correct ailments within the body.

Teaching Medical Qigong

In addition to offering Qigong to our local Broward County community, we’re also delighted to have our own Qigong Academy. Through the Academy, we actually teach other medical and holistic health professionals how to leverage the power of Qigong in their own practice.

Whether you’re a nurse, psychotherapist, massage therapist, or just want to learn qigong to open your own coaching practice, the Academy is the best place to learn the skills you need to apply in your business.

Schedule Your Qigong Session

If you are looking to use this ancient healing art to help improve your health, know that we are always here to support you on your journey. Feel free to pick up the phone and call us at (954) 454-5559 when you’re ready for your first session.

Or, if you have questions and wish to learn more about Medical Qigong and it’s benefits, send us an email to

We’re happy to have you, and ready to help you break through your pain.

Refund Policy

-A student may withdraw and obtain a full deposit refund up to 30 days before the seminar. 30 to 15 days prior only 50% of the deposit will be refunded, after that the deposit is non refundable. -If a student requests a refund before any of the seminars, a full refund will be issued less the deposit according to the above terms. -A partial tuition refund will be permitted if a student cancels enrollment when 60% or less of the instruction has been completed. The calculation is based on clock hours passed, plus $200 drop fee. -Refund for a discounted tuition will be according to the non-discounted rate plus $200 drop fee.