Meet Dr. Isaac Goren

To my future patient,

My purpose in life is to free the human spirit.

As the founder and lead practitioner of the Goren Method, I want to take the time to introduce myself. I believe knowing your practitioner and coach is an important step in this type of medicine, which is why I’d like to take a moment to explain how I live out my purpose.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a lot to offer the modern world and I have a unique way of viewing this medicine that I have come to call the Goren Method. Drawing from my experience working with patients in acupuncture, medical qigong, and NLP, I believe that modern medicine approaches disease all wrong.

I compare it to an iceberg. If you ask a seafarer about these natural phenomena, they’ll explain that you only see about 10% of the actual iceberg above the surface. Disease acts in a similar way, with most people just focused on that top 10%.

Rather than limit our treatment to just these top level symptoms, I look to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. This not only helps you overcome your short-term challenges, but also provides you a path to lifelong happiness and fulfillment.

When you come in to our office, I promise to focus on you and your unique situation. This way, I can provide a structured approach that will help you overcome pain and reach your desired outcome.

I look forward to meeting you and thank you for visiting my website.

-Dr. Isaac Goren

About Dr. Goren

A History of Results

With over 20 years of experience in Medical Qigong and a masterful understanding of Acupuncture, Dr. Goren is a teacher, practitioner, and friend to many in the field. He’s taught Medical Qigong around the world while growing his private practice in Hollywood, Florida. True to his purpose, he puts the patient needs first and always gives you the attention you deserve.

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Refund Policy

-A student may withdraw and obtain a full deposit refund up to 30 days before the seminar. 30 to 15 days prior only 50% of the deposit will be refunded, after that the deposit is non refundable. -If a student requests a refund before any of the seminars, a full refund will be issued less the deposit according to the above terms. -A partial tuition refund will be permitted if a student cancels enrollment when 60% or less of the instruction has been completed. The calculation is based on clock hours passed, plus $200 drop fee. -Refund for a discounted tuition will be according to the non-discounted rate plus $200 drop fee.